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PI Cryptocurrency

This is one of my favorites.

Use code: “ivdm”

PI is a new and up and coming cryptocurrency.

It is still in the beginning with over 1 000 000 members in a very short time.

Fast growing.

Download the App on play store and use the code "ivdm"

Membership is only on invitation.

Use code for invitation.  

They reckon it will do better than Bitcoin and will be worth more than Bitcoin.

The people behind it are from Stanford university.  

Earn free PI daily with mining.

All you had to do is only sign in ones a day.

Pi crypto

pi crypto

pi crypto

pi crypto playstore

pi crypto download

Don’t miss out on this one It is still in phase one.

You will kick yourself if you didn’t join.

It’ free, cost you notting just you support.

Just think you earn free Pi for your support.

PI is for the people.

Code: “ ivdm “ to join.