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Trade Emx

Trade derivatives with cryptocurrency at 100x leverage. Short Bitcoin, the top 500 US  stocks, gold, and altcoins with leverage. EMX is a secure and compliant exchange with 24/7 multi-lingual support and low fees.

Imagine trading futures on gold, the top 500 US stocks, and the Euro, all using crypto. EMX currently offers contracts on BTC, the top 500 US stocks, and gold. Earn all profits in Bitcoin

EMX uses enterprise-trusted Bitgo technology to secure customer funds. KYC is fast, easy and compliant. Trade confidently, knowing your assets and personal information are safe.

Trade directly from the chart or order book, and use advanced order types to capitalize on the best opportunities quickly. Access the exchange through our lightning-fast WebSocket or REST API.

Trade on a customizable, intuitive interface, online or on the go. A dedicated team of trader-tested professionals provide support 24/7 in multiple languages.

Practice trading on the EMX Testnet

Trade on the EMX Testnet, without risking any of your real money.